Monday, 29 March 2010

Sporting Camera Trauma

My dictionary describes trauma as an emotional shock, I think that just about puts in a nutshell my feelings on Saturday afternoon at the rugby game, Gateshead vs Ilkley.
Had spent time preparing cameras, batteries and wet weather clothing, spent two hours travelling to the ground, enjoyed a superb lunch in good company in the clubhouse after which the game started, I managed to get a few shots and then the 'TRAUMA', my camera decided to switch itself off, I tried everything, rebooting, changing batteries, changing memory cards. I now looked as though I was giving a bad impersonation of a circus juggler, panic was starting to set in and the action on the rugby field was hotting up. Any self respecting photographer would now be dipping into his haversack and producing a spare camera body, but oh no, cleverclogs had decided to travel light. I was just about to resort to lump hammer technology, when my prayers were answered, the lights came back on, there was life in the camera, my composure was quickly regained and I took up my position at the edge of the pitch trying to look as though the tantrums of the last ten minutes had never happened.
The camera managed to last out untill the final whistle blew, what a relief, I could now retire to the bar and contemplate future contingency plans.
The final result of the game - Ilkley lost after putting up a hard fight. Photographs that I managed to salvage from the game can now be viewed at
Gateshead vs Ilkley, Ilkley in possession 27/03/2010

Friday, 26 March 2010

Rugby Moment

Last Saturday due to the miserable wet weather I decided to take my photographs of the rugby from the covered stand. Ilkley were at home playing Durham City and a large crowd of spectators had emerged from the warmth of the clubhouse to watch the game. Durham were on the attack when suddenly their hooker John Nichols found himself on his back in the mud after a tackle, there was much whistle blowing and arm waving from the Referee and the game came to a standstill. It was at this point that a small white terrier hurtled onto the pitch, circled the players and then slowly walked up to John who was still on his back, the dog then sat down and affectionately licked John on the face. What a moment, the cries of the crowd suddenly turned from derision and heckling to that of laughter, it was magical and certainly broke the tension of the game, well for a few moments anyway.
I posted the photograph to the Ilkley RFC Facebook page and asked for a caption, the winning one was
" Throw it once more... please... please "

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Haworth 1940'sWeekend

Just discovered  new dates for the diary the 15th and 16th of May.This is a not to be missed event "Haworth 1940's Weekend". We shall certainly be there to photograph the nostalgia. Have been to this event twice now, really looking forward to it. I suppose I should take the old box camera to blend in but I think the workflow would be a bit too slow.
Main Street, Haworth 1940's Weekend

More photographs from previous 1940's events can be viewed at our website

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Recent History, Poland,Tourism

Where to start.
Wedding photography as always features heavily in our calendar, Friday is now becoming a very popular day for weddings this is quite handy in the winter season as I always have several weekend sporting events to photograph, these are generally rugby union related and provide a source of entertainment as well as revenue.  So generally if were not taking photographs we can be found in the office editing images and updating our websites.
We have during this time though managed to take some holiday, destination Poland, to cut a long story short we found it  full of character and with so many varied subjects to photograph we decided to develop a website to display our work in the hope it will provide a resource for travellers and tourists visiting Poland. So far we have visited Krakow, The Tatra Mountains, Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, non of which disappointed . If you wish to view the images please visit . Next to visit is Wroclaw and Poznan, this is booked for May so watch the site for updates.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, lets hope so, must be two years since my last scribblings. Taken a lot of photographs in that time and visited many places, seems a shame not to write about them. Watch this space !