Sunday, 25 April 2010

Gdansk 'The Restaurant at The Opatow Palace'

Not far from the centre of Gdansk is a place not to be missed it is called  Oliwa Park.
There are several reasons for its popularity, extensive parkland initially constructed in the eighteenth century. Filled with flowered areas and pleasant pathways shaded by the trees,
meandering streams and ornimental ponds, all in all a very relaxing place.


But there is more, sat majesticaly in the grounds is The Archcathedral Basilica. 
This is one of the oldest historical sights of Gdansk. 
It houses the renown Rococo organ initially built by Jan Wulf and Frederick Rudolph Dalitz.
We were lucky enough to be there during a recital, its range and quality of sound is not to be missed.
Interior of The Archcathedral

Finally we come to a little oasis found under the shelter of some large trees, 
in the eastern wing of the Abbots Palace, 

it is called  
'The Restaurant at the Opatow Palace' 
its interior gives the impression of a sumptious and very stylish home. 

Its cooking style is international with a hint of Poland. 
In summer meals and snacks can be eaten outside on the decking with choice of sunny or shaded area. 
As it was summer we ate outside and enjoyed a light snack 
saving the best till last, two mouth watering classic polish cakes: 

    warm szarlotka (apple pie) with ice cream and raspberry coulis 

and sernik with chocolate (cheesecake). 

Sweet Memories!

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Germany on a BMW, Part 2

After all the eager anticipation and planning the day had finally arrived. Two bikes from Silsden, one from Burley in Wharfedale and two from Ilkley, we were away on a five day tour bound eventually for Einbeck in Germany. Five bikers and myself as a pillion passenger.
Self Riding Pillion
The trip to our port of departure Hull was made in good weather, perhaps a little cool but not uncomfortable. Our bike arrived first and had no problem having our passports checked and getting our boarding cards and cabin keys. Unfortunately the there was a delay with the other bikes and we had to wait twenty minutes due apparently to a booking problem, it was resolved and on we went to strap the bikes down on the car deck. Our ferry that night was the MS Pride of Rotterdam and according to the technical data sheet available on board was built in Venice and launched on the 29th September 2000. We were to travel to Rotterdam Europort a distance of 204 nautical miles/378 km

Our cabins were small but functional for our one night trip, all bags were quickly stowed and we made our way to the bar and relaxation. The entertainment that night was in the form of a guitarist/singer with backing tracks followed by another singer also with backing tracks, I think the ferry company must be making cut backs as the last time I had the pleasure of travelling with them we were entertained by a full band, much more atmospheric but to give our evenings entertainment their due we all enjoyed that part of the evening.
Dining in Style
We decided as it was our first night to dine in the Four Seasons Buffet Restaurant, I seem to recollect the price was about eighteen pounds, it was well worth it including several courses and virtually all you could eat. One word of advice based on our experience, don't leave it to late to eat as some dishes at the buffet appeared not to be replenished as the night goes on. One nightcap after the meal and then away to bed, unfortunately I had drawn the short straw and found myself in the top bunk, okay to climb into but if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night in the dark its an adventure. The next morning we were awakened by the tannoy announcing our imminent arrival at Europort.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Germany on a BMW , Part 1

Soon be going on a trip to Germany via Hull Rotterdam on the back of a BMW motorbike ( Oh Dear what have I let myself in for ) A group six, shall we say mature bikers, watch this space.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Weddings, Brollies and Wellies

On one or two occassions we have attended weddings where the day has started in beautifull sunshine and then by noon the dark clouds have appeared followed by every brides nightmare - Rain, guess the one item thats been forgotten in all those months of preparation, yes The Brollies.
River Wharfe at The Red Lion, Burnsall
So I decided we would buy a few and keep them in the carboot for backup. I trawled the web, there were a few suppliers, Glasgow, Cardiff, London, then by chance I came across someone right on the doorstep here in Ilkley.
Valentines Day, Rombalds Hotel, Ilkley
So in your wedding preparation don't forget the Brollies, oh! and another popular item now, wellies. If you need anymore info on wellies and Brollies please follow the link. I hope you find it usefull.
Dazzle and Glitz

Monday, 12 April 2010

Ilkley in Bloom

Most of the day has been spent sat at the computer, editing images and bringing websites up to date, So when Cecile came home and suggested we needed a few items from the supermarket intead of my usual moan and groan I saw an opportunity to escape into the sunshine and suggested we walk to the little supermarket on our high street. As we would be carrying bags on our way back I put my little Canon point and shoot camera in my pocket, Lets make the most of the walk, I had previously seen all the blossom that had erupted in the last few days and thought this was as good a chance as any to record it in the early evening sun.
The Grove, Ilkley

The Grove Ilkley

Betty's Cafe, Tea Rooms, The Grove, Ilkley

Christ Church, The Grove, Ilkley

Shadows on The Grove

Equipment - Canon Powershot A530

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Last Stand at Ilkley RFC vs Hartlepool Rovers

Saturday saw the last league game of the season to be played under the shadow of the Old Stand at Ilkley RFC. Stacks Field. Their opponents were Hartlepool Rovers.
Ilkley RFC Stand and Clubhouse due to be replaced 2011
Ilkley RFC Stand
Plans are well under way to demolish the stand/clubhouse and replace them with a new Community Clubhouse, completion of the new clubhouse is scheduled for the end of May 2011. The 3.00pm kick off saw the ground bathed in sunshine and more reminescent of a midsummers day.

Referee leads the Ilkley team onto the pitch
 Ilkley started well and went into the lead 
Ilkleys Chad Shepherd on his way to a try
but unfortunately for Ilkley, Hartlepool Rovers found their second wind later in the game and went on to win.
Hartlepool Rovers in possession

I managed to photograph the game from start to finish without any mishaps. 
Ilkley Captain Stuart Vincent with Club President Ronald Obank and Chairman Richard Scargill

Photographs from the game can be viewed at Ruggerpix ( an Image and Style Gallery )

Details of the new clubhouse can be viewed at Ilkley RFC Website

I think this is as good a time as any to thank all the clubs in League North 1 East that I have had the pleasure to visit on my photographic quest, for their excellent hospitality, I have enjoyed some superb pies, Thankyou.
Peter Clark 11th April 2010

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Image and Style Sample Wedding Album

Sunrise Service, Easter 2010

Cecile and I went to The Sunrise Service at the Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley on Easter Sunday. One of our photographs and an article were published in the local paper.

On Easter Sunday Ilkley was still fast asleep when several cars from different corners of the town passed through the empty streets. I t was after 6.00 am and they were all going in the direction of the little car park below the Cow and Calf Rocks. Not only cars were there but also on the moors were a few brave walkers heading in that direction. It was still dark when at 6.30am the car park was full and around seventy people representing many of the churches in Ilkley greeted each other heartily. Gathered on the slopes by the famous Yorkshire rocks and waving colourfull ribbons everybody joined in the singing of the hymns. As the prayers continued the sun was rising and the group were taking in the light of the new day.
Rev. Dick Watson leading the service
 For a brief moment betweeen one cloud and another the warm orange rays of the rising sun covered everything and everybody
Ilkley Moor, Cow and Calf Area
Rev Dick Watson
On this moment  ' Thine be the Glory ' sounded really joyfull on this very special Sunrise Service. Rev. Dick Watson, the curator of All Saints church who was leading the service for the first time was as amazed as all the other participants with the wonderfull spectacle nature had shown us. As we were departing the sun was hidden again in the thick cloud but below in the Wharfe valley we could see the suns rays coming through illuminating the fields and woodland, very significant, bringing hope and proving 'every cloud has a silver lining'

Maria Cecylia Paslawska  4th April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Wedding in Fawsley, Northamptonshire

A short while ago we photographed a wedding at the church of St Mary near the village of Fawsley in Northamptonshire. It was a unique wedding for us for several reasons, one of which was the distance from Ilkley which is our usual area of work, it is an approximate distance of 153 miles and because of this we decided to travel there the day before and stay at The Windmill Inn Hotel at Badby which is a traditional thatched country pub complete with log burning stoves and stone flagged floors. Another reason it was a unique occassion was the position of the church, which was in the middle of a field with the only access being along a rough track and because of this the Bride and Groom had requested the guests to bring their wellingtons in case it was muddy.

The reception was in the sumptuous Tudor house of  Fawsley Hall which is steeped in tradition and rich in history, it is a stone's throw from the church. Both the Hall and the Church were in a beautiful setting, it was a wedding photographers dream.
An Assortment of Wellies
We really enjoyed our assignment at Fawsley, a truly wonderful day!
Bride and Groom

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Google Travel Search

After spending most of the afternoon following various instructions I have finally managed to add a Google customised search box which can be found at the top of our blog. This has been optimised for Travel and holiday search queries. I hope it will prove usefull.

Travels to Poland

Sopot, Poland
I think its about time we taked about one of  our more recent ventures, travel photography. After looking through our photographs from holidays we had taken in Poland we realized that many people were not aware of the beauty and character of the country and did not even consider it as a holiday destination. As a way of trying to rectify this and to encourage new visitors to Poland we decided to build a website with a view to promoting tourism in Poland, this would also allow us to display and sell our photographs, this hopefully would also make our website self sufficient. Our travel experiences could also be described. Thus 'Imagine Poland ' was born. Although Imagine Poland is in its infancy it is evolving quickly as we visit different areas of Poland and add more photo galleries. We have already visited Krakow and the Tri City area of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot.
Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland
In Spring 2010 we plan to visit Wroclaw and Poznan taking in a few castles on the way.
As well as displaying photographs on Imagine Poland we intend to add pages displaying usefull information for tourists and travellers visiting the various regions of Poland in the hope that the website will provide a usefull source of information regarding travel and tourism in the country.
In future posts we will describe the experiences of our next trip to Poland, this will include flight details, accomodation, food and all points of interest cultural, modern and historic. To view our progress so far please please follow the link   
I hope you enjoy the photographs and if you have any queries or a venue in Wroclaw or Poznan you would like us to report on please email us at
Peter and Cecile 

Gdansk, Poland