Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bradford and Bingley (Bees) vs Ilkley. Rugby Union

My Photographs from a game of Rugby Union played in West Yorkshire on 28th February 2015

Both these teams are based in West Yorkshire and were playing a local derby league game which created a little more tension than usual.

"Bradford and Bingley vs Ilkley"

The afternoon was wet and dismal but this did not deter the spectators enthusiasm.

For sporting events my camera is a Canon 7d coupled with a Sigma 70-200 2.8 lens all mounted on a Slik monopod.
On the winter cloudy afternoons the camera ISO I usually start at 800 and increase as the afternoon progresses and light is lost. I find the 7d handles high ISO very well.
The images are edited in Adobe Lightroom and then uploaded to Flickr for all to view.

Next Saturday will be Ilkley vs Dinnington which promises to be an action filled game.

Hope you enjoy my photographs from the game by following the link.

 Bradford and Bingley vs Ilkley, Rugby Union

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