Monday, 14 June 2010

The 1940's in Haworth 2010

Even when we have a busy calendar the one event we always make room for is Haworth's 1940's weekend. It provides such a wide range of portrait /character subjects and really is a photographers paradise. Such a vast range of colourful uniforms from around the globe and all manner of civilian attire from the 40's era. Having visited several of these  events we find it best to arrive mid morning when its relatively quiet this allows us a clear view of our subjects, later on usually just after lunch it just gets to busy and find more often as not someone will walk in front of the lens as the shutter is pressed. So photographers - get there early.
1940'S Weekend, Haworth 2010. Just a little bit busy down the Main Street
The style of photography we like at this event is what I would call reportage portrait, taking the shot while the subject is unaware, if possible and with an out of focus backpround or a background in context with the subject. Adopting this style will display more the charater of the era.
Haworth 1940's Weekend 2010
Haworth 1040's Weekend 2010
Haworth 1940's Weekend 2010
Haworth 1940's Weekend 2010
Haworth 1940's Weekend
Haworth 1940's weekend is held over two days usually in May, details can be found at the Haworth1940s website and in the local press just prior to the event.
Haworth 1940's Weekend 2010
Haworth 1940'sWeekend 2010
Hope you enjoy the sample photographs shown above.

Equipment used : Canon Cameras 30D and 20D Sigma Lens 75 - 200 F2.8 Canon Lens 28 - 135 IS

To view all of our photographs ( 262 ) from this event please visit our our website and look in the Events section.

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