Monday, 17 January 2022

'Dales Road Trip' Sedbergh in The Yorkshire Dales National Park.

After leaving the Ribblehead Viaduct our next destination was Sedbergh which although in Cumbria is part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Driving along the B6255 Blea Moor Road to the hamlet of Appersett then turning left and admiring the stunning scenery along the way, eventually arriving at  the market town of Sedbergh in the late afternoon . 

We soon located 'The Red Lion' a very cosy traditional style pub which was to be our accommodation for the next two nights.

By the time we had unpacked the weather had worsened and it was coats and hats on then outside to combat the drizzle for a quick stroll and explore around the nearby streets before sitting down to a tasty dinner in one of Sedberghs finest old coaching inns ‘The Dalesman’

Next morning we continued to explore Sedbergh taking my iphone 12 Pro Max camera but now with the addition of a 'small rig stabilizer kit' which gives greater stabilility and grip to the whole unit. Last thing you want when leaning over the bridge trying to get that almost impossible waterfall shot is for the phone to slip out of your grasp and disappear into the murky torrent below!!!

Another extremely useful tool when looking for interesting camera subjects and preliminary investigation prior to your visit is to explore the area with 'Google Street View' which can be found on Google maps.

The Main Street was quite interesting and several of the specialist craft shops/workshops drew our attention.

On our route we called in at St Andrews Church which is located on Main Street. The church is designated by English Heritage as a Grade 1 listed building and has many interesting features.
Well worth a visit, interesting viewpoints external and internal plus maybe say a prayer or two.

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'Sedbergh, Cumbria, England'

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Peter W. Clark photographer

We do hope you will enjoy the photographs and perhaps find some which will inspire and enhance your article or publication.

They may also help find your next

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More location photographs of our

'Dales Road Trip'

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Dent (In the Yorkshire Dales National Park)






and finally Buckden

Saturday, 1 January 2022

'Dales Road Trip’ Ribblehead Viaduct, North Yorkshire, England.


Several months ago we mapped out our plans for the first of our Yorkshire Dales Road Trips. Stage one was to head up above Settle to the Ribblehead Viaduct.

The Ribblehead Viaduct carries the Settle–Carlisle railway over Batty Moss at Ribblehead, North Yorkshire.

This structure has been photographed by many notable photographers and I was determined to try a few standout shots which I hope you enjoy.

There are many words to describe Ribblehead viaduct, a few that come to mind are – imposing, dramatic, stunning, amazing, impressive, but when seen close up it really comes down to a short intake of breath and WOW!!!

What a feat of planning and engineering! You cannot imagine the blood, sweat and tears that must have gone into its construction. There were many fatalities amongst the railway builders (navvies) through accidents and illness, so many in fact that the local graveyard had to be enlarged.

We set out that morning in cloudy and overcast weather conditions but when we arrived at this monumental construction the clouds had cleared leaving me with ideal conditions for the aspects of photography I had in mind. On this Dales Road Trip I had left my Canon 7D SLR and an assortment of lenses (the heavy gear) at home and intended to use the camera in my Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max which I had been trialling for the last few months and had been particularly impressed with the performance of the wide angle lens, this generally produces converging verticals but I happen to like this effect and it does pack a lot of landscape in.

What a photogenic structure, taking into account the weather, time of day and the many viewpoints available it is inevitable that we will make many return trips to photograph it in its full glory.

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'Ribblehead Viaduct, Yorkshire'

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Peter W. Clark photographer

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More location photographs of our

'Dales Road Trip'

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Sedbergh (In the Yorkshire Dales National Park)

Dent (In the Yorkshire Dales National Park)






and finally Buckden

Thursday, 16 December 2021

Gordon Burton, An Ex Player, Captain and ‘Legend’ of Ilkley Rugby.

After an earlier post regarding the Ilkley RFC Ex Players Lunch I sent a link to contacts I thought may be interested to see the post. As an afterthought I remembered a good friend from several years ago when we worked at the same Ilkley estate agents and sent him a link as I vaguely remembered he had some connection with rugby (what an understatement!!).

It was a very pleasant surprise when a few days later Nigel replied sending me several photographs and mementos of his dad, Gordon Burton who had been Captain at Ilkley RUFC 1950-51.

I had not expected such a treasure trove of information relating to an ex player, Captain and ‘legend’ of Ilkley rugby.

Gordon Burton, Ilkley RUFC (Captain)

Cigarette lighter presented to G.Burton (CAPT.) for leading point score. IRUFC 1950-51


It would seem that Gordon had started quite a sporting legacy from his time at Ilkley RUFC. 
Son Nigel played rugby for Ilkley Grammar School and at the Schools Sevens held at IRFC.  Later at Ilkley he had trials and played for Yorkshire Colts. Following an injury Nigel stopped playing for a couple of years then moved to Lancashire and played for Fylde Rugby, where Bill Beaumont (England Captain) was his captain with Tony Swift (England) on the right-wing and Nigel on the left-wing. Following a spell with Preston Grasshoppers then moving to Bristol and subsequently playing for a local combination Club. By this time with a growing family of 4 children Nigel had qualified as a junior coach and coached at Clifton Rugby Club for 16 Years.

Nigel's sons, daughters and grandchildren all followed in Gordons sporting footsteps and are prominent participants of their chosen sports.

 I hope you will take the time to view more photographs and information supplied by Nigel.

Of particular note are the details of Ilkley RUFC Golden Jubilee 1899-1949.

Also a must read article ‘A Few Useful Tips for Young Players’

 To view please follow the link to the Archive Image Library on my dedicated website.

Many Thanks Nigel and Family

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Paris, Pavement Cafe's

There are many aspects to our photography, one which is to bring out the character of the locations we visit.
Several years ago we visited Paris with one or two photographic projects in mind.
One of the projects for our Image Library was to portray the character and chic of the pavement cafe's of Paris.

I hope you will enjoy our selection and re visit as more photographs are added

It was no easy task as the majority of cafe's we photographed looked extremely inviting, unfortunately we did not have the time or capacity to sample them all.

A rarity, empty tables. So Inviting.

Busy, busy, busy, people watching.

Staying cool, Front of House or should I say 'un garçon de café'

Parisian Chic

Our camera's were a Canon 7d and 30d with Canon lens EFS 18-200 plus a Sigma 10-20 DC HSM. 
All this was carried in our Kata 3N1 30 backpack.

Captions invited, please post in the comments box

To view ‘Paris, Pavement Cafe's’ album please follow the link.

Peter W. Clark photographer

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Monday, 6 December 2021

Ilkley RFC, Ex Players Lunch, Legends. 4th December 2021

Unfortunately was not able to photograph the ex players attending the lunch but I did manage to photograph 'legends' in the making at the league (North One East) game which followed, Ilkley vs Malton and Norton. 

Archive photographs (EX PLAYERS) courtesy of Ilkley RFC

Once again the weather was not on my side, overcast and rain and as I prefer to photograph from the touchline near the action and away from the distractions and restrictions of the stand I anticipated a soaking so dressed accordingly but even so it was not enough and at half time I had to call it a day, hoping that when I arrived home and edited the results there would be a reasonable collection of acceptable photographs.

Ilkley vs Malton and Norton 4th December 2021

Managed to rescue enough to post to my website Ruggerpix plus a couple for the local paper to accompany the club scribes match report. If you didn't manage to get to the match then read the report, it is 'a thriller'.

   To view all photographs from the afternoons rugby please follow the link to my dedicated website.




Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Grassington, A Charming Market Town in The Yorkshire Dales

 A Market Town in the Yorkshire Dales Revisited

While having a coffee meeting in our usual location, the Riverside Café next to the River Wharfe at Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales we had a last minute change of plan and decided to drive up the Dale to the market town of Grassington for some early Christmas shopping. This suited me fine as it would allow me to take additional photographs for our image library. 

Grassington Market Place

As I had not anticipated a photoshoot I used my iPhone 12PM camera which I have used on several previous occasions and have been more than impressed with the results especially with the addition of a SmallRig stabilizer kit. Absolutely love it, great practical combination.

Grassington Shops

The resulting photographs I have uploaded to ‘Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales’ album which can be found in our image library. 

Grassington Folk Museum
You may recognise a few of the locations photographed as Grassington was used as a backdrop for the filming of the recent series of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and is known as the fictional village of Darrowby.

To view ‘Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales’ album please follow the link.

Peter W. Clark photographer

We do hope you will enjoy the photographs and perhaps find some which will inspire and enhance your article or publication.

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Monday, 22 November 2021

Ruggerpix – ‘A Challenging Afternoon’ for both teams and the photographer.


Ilkley vs Pocklington (North One East) k/o 2.15, 20th November 2021

 The venue: Stacks Field, Ilkley, Yorkshire.


I had made all my preliminary preparations for this assignment on the day before.

My camera – Canon 7D SLR with twin battery pack, all batteries fully charged, a formatted 16gb memory card plus one spare and my Sigma 70-200, F2.8 lens which I find to be most useful for this type of work, finally a Slik monopod to help keep the camera steady.

Checked all camera settings functioning and then laid all out ready to pack into my equipment backpack on the Saturday morning.

On the following morning the weather was dry but a little overcast and felt chilly so made sure I was well wrapped up then finally packed everything away.

We managed to arrive at Stacks Field comfortably well in advance of the 2.15pm k/o which gave me chance to have a walk around the pitch and  go through various camera checks.

I usually set the camera shutter speed to 1/1000sec. and the ISO to 400 these generally give good results but it soon became apparent that the overcast cloud rolling down from the Dales and the cool breeze were going to be a challenge to both camera and photographer.

Most of the afternoon was spent constantly adjusting camera settings knowing full well that decreasing the shutter speed could produce image blur and increasing the ISO would produce image noise (grain) but it had to be done to let adequate light into the camera to produce at best an acceptable result to capture the fast action.

More importantly I had to constantly adjust my scarf to produce a warm happy photographer.

The decreasing light levels made action photography quite a challenge and a lot of work was required in my image editing software Adobe Lightroom.

To view all photographs from the afternoons rugby please follow the link to my dedicated website Ruggerpix


 A full match report can be viewed at Ilkley RFC website.

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Linton in Craven, a Lovely Village in The Yorkshire Dales.

Spent several days in and around the beautiful and very photogenic Yorkshire Dales village of Linton in Craven taking photographs for our image library and researching all the points of interest of which there are many. 

I must admit the Fountaine Inn ‘Fish and Chip Friday’ did help determine what days would be best for our photography. 

The weather also helped a little as did the very dramatic scenery on the River Wharfe at Linton Falls. 

  Followed by the calming tranquillity of Linton Parish Church. 


To view all our photographs of this beautiful area in the Yorkshire Dales - Linton in Craven, Linton Falls and Linton Parish Church please follow the link to our image library - 

We do hope you will enjoy the photographs and perhaps find some which will inspire and enhance your article or publication.
(downloads and prints are available)

Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Brief Progress Report

In the last few months we have managed to get out and about in the Yorkshire Dales, some short one day visits and one 'Yorkshire Dales Road Trip' lasting several days, this has resulted in many interesting photographs which we are in the process of editing at the moment. Selected photographs will be added to our image library which can be found at our website Procam
In conjunction with this the rugby season is now in full swing and on many of our weekends we can be found pitchside, cameras in hand following and recording the action for our website Ruggerpix Last weekend we attended Ilkley RFC vs Bradford and Bingley. All photographs are now edited and posted.
Hope to have more updates in the near future. Peter and Cecile

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Image Sales – Picfair, Peter W. Clark

In the near future several of the images on our websites  will be available on a rights managed basis for media use, advertisements, websites, magazines, publishers, travel books, etc. through our image library hosted by Picfair 

Please view our image library at

We also have a large database of images not yet available on our website/library and are updating this database regularly with photographs from photo shoots we undertake so please, if you do not see the image you require send details of your requirements via email and we will endeavour to supply your needs.
All the images on this website are the copyright of Peter W. Clark and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

I hope you will enjoy the photographs and re visit as more photographs are added.


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Yorkshire Travels

Cecile and I are lucky enough to live in Yorkshire one of Englands most scenic counties, this gives us great scope for our photography whatever the weather.
Only minutes away from our home in Ilkley we have the beautiful moors on our doorstep and just a short drive away are the coastal towns and villages of Yorkshire.
Northwards takes us to the market town of Skipton and then through the Yorkshire Dales and picturesque villages to Hawes a lively market town also famous for its cheesemaking.
From Hawes, not far  away on the banks of the fast flowing River Swale is the historic town of Richmond with its Norman castle, large cobbled market place and museums.
Yorkshire has many other place of great character and beauty to offer, I hope our photographs which can be viewed from the following link will encourage you to visit.

Photography by Peter and Cecile Clark 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bradford and Bingley (Bees) vs Ilkley. Rugby Union

My Photographs from a game of Rugby Union played in West Yorkshire on 28th February 2015

Both these teams are based in West Yorkshire and were playing a local derby league game which created a little more tension than usual.

"Bradford and Bingley vs Ilkley"

The afternoon was wet and dismal but this did not deter the spectators enthusiasm.

For sporting events my camera is a Canon 7d coupled with a Sigma 70-200 2.8 lens all mounted on a Slik monopod.
On the winter cloudy afternoons the camera ISO I usually start at 800 and increase as the afternoon progresses and light is lost. I find the 7d handles high ISO very well.
The images are edited in Adobe Lightroom and then uploaded to Flickr for all to view.

Next Saturday will be Ilkley vs Dinnington which promises to be an action filled game.

Hope you enjoy my photographs from the game by following the link.

 Bradford and Bingley vs Ilkley, Rugby Union

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rugby Photography

During the rugby season I can be found most Saturday afternoons photographing rugby union, usually Ilkley RFC vs their opponents of the day.
Quite a lot of the time I seem to spend these Saturday afternoons in adverse weather conditions and need to be well insulated, boots, big coat, hat, scarf and most essential gloves to keep my fingers warm while operating the camera.

I post these photographs to one of my websites Ruggerpix  giving supporters who could not attend the game a chance to view  from the comfort of home.

For more photographs of rugby please follow this link

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Ilkley RFC